Paradox Bytes Solutions

We are a New York-based computer consultants firm that provides technical support to small businesses.
We are a team of computer consultants . We welcome the opportunity to help you in your IT systems implementation.

Think of us as your "part-time IT department". We do not sell any hardware or software, thus maintaining complete objectivity towards all solutions.
We are not biased by a profit opportunity, our only bias is our experience with different products and services.
Though we don't sell products, we will advise you and help you procure any items you need purchased.
Our only compensation is for our time spent working on your behalf and reimbursing us for any materials purchased for you.

Through the use of the latest in remote technology, we can be on your internet-connected computer within 60 seconds of your phone call.
No resident software after we're done. Instead of waiting for hours or days for an onsite visit, we can start the repair process immediately.
And, many problems are fixed in less than 15 minutes -- getting you back to being fully productive faster!

Please contact us for your computer consulting, network engineer, database or website design needs.
Whether you need one computer consultant or a team of computer consultants , we are ready to help you!

Our Services



Our technology clients value our strategic understanding of their business and our operational ability to drive to concrete results across the entire value chain—innovation and R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain and sourcing. find out more...



Leave the worries of IT behind while still controlling costs with Paradox Bytes Solutions Complete Care plans. We provide you the proactive maintenance you need, help you deploy new tools, and keep your business up and running.



As experts in creating learning programs for knowledge workers, Paradox Bytes Solutions helps customers achieve better business results through training every year. We have the technical expertise and practical experience to provide the right training solutions, the right way, at the right time to empower success.